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Aglona und die umliegenden historischen Erbes:

Aisbahova’s (Askirku) estate

Around the house is located in a large park, which is included in the list of protected objects. 17th century estate owner was of Polish descent landlord Askirka. Estate “Aisbahova” is a typical medium-mansion building. For a solid foundation, with a wall thickness of less than one meter, one-storey wooden building. With fifteen rooms, the mansion was designed for family and servants. Under construction is a large basement.
Adress: Priezmale,Kastulinas parish, Aglonas district ;
Phone: +371 29118597; +371 65322100
e-mail: turisms@aglona.lv
GPS: 56.159, 27.211
World War II exhibition
The World War II exhibition (museum) is situated in the very centre of Aglona. The exhibition is concentrated, which facilitates its viewing because one does not have to move endlessly from floor to floor, slowly examining everything around instead. The heart of the museum is a collection of weapons that were used in World War II.
Adress: Daugavpils Street 40, Aglona, Aglonas district ;
Phone: +371 22484848, + 371 29294180, +371 653 21380
e-mail: ww1945@inbox.lv;
Web: http://www.ww2.viss.lv,
GPS: 56.1304,27.0052

Aglona Bread Museum
Invitation to a conversation about bread and bread-making process: fresh bread sampling, herbal tea, opportunity to buy the Aglona bread and pastry.
Adress: Daugavpils Street 7, Aglona, Aglonas district ;
Phone: +371 29287044
e-mail: mailto:maizesmuzejs@inbox.lv;
Web: http://www.aglonasmaize.viss.lv,
GPS: 56.1332, 27.0018