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Accommodation for up to 190 people: holiday cottage at the lake 97 persons, gatherings guest house 87 persons.
Sports Games up to 1,000 people.
Cabins - from April to November
Overnight in 12 comfortable cabins, of which 8 cabins have a room on the roof - attic.
Shower, WC, mini kitchen, el. tea towels, soap
(dishes, skewers, firewood can be obtained from the owner of the product).
5 cabins refrigerators, el. cooker, 2 microwaves, 2 cabins have TV.
At the cabins are table, 2 benches, grill.

  • All cottages Price: by agreement.
  • Pricing groups (max 97) See the table below.


Overnight 2 bath home with a little less comfort.

  • 3 to 4 persons:
10.00 / 12.00.00 EUR  to the person
  • 2 persons
12.00 / 14.00.00 EUR  to the person

  • 1 persons
14.00 / 16.00.00 EUR  to the person

  • All cottages Price: by agreement.
All prices down table.

Rest complex  „Aglonas Alpi” -  open all year round

Overnight Vidusalpos middle floor
10 comfortable rooms and 27 principal place 10 extra beds.
Accommodation in Augšalpos
50 extra beds with shared facilities. Runs from April to November.

  • Vidusalpos principal place:
13:00 to 18:00 EUR per person
depending on the amenities and equipment rooms.
Rooms for each individual pricing, see the table below.

  • Vidusalpos extra:
8:00 to 1:00 EUR per person
depending on the amenities and equipment rooms.
Rooms for each individual pricing, see the table below.

  • Lejasalpos extra:
The average price of 8.50 EUR per person.
Individual pricing, see the table below.

Tent sites

There is a separate house with WC and showers for those who spend the night in tents.

3.00 EUR 1 person.

Motorhome area
1 caravan sites
10.00 EUR 2 persons.

Winter pleasures: snowmobile
cross-country skis, boots, poles
without polish
Sleigh rides - video

After prior notification provide meals for vegetarians, vegans, etc.

You can cook for themselves:
  • kitchen gatherings guest house,
  • mini kitchen hut,
  • on the grill,
  • to the fire.

You can pre-apply for meals.

We offer services catering service for parties, events, conferences, etc.

5.00 EUR 1 person: "Swedish" table.

9.50 EUR 1 person: cold snack, juice, soup, main course, dessert, coffee, tea, spring water.

7.50 EUR 1 person: aukstā uzkoda, sula, otrais ēdiens,deserts, kafija, tēja, avota ūdens.

Coffee breaks for seminars:
3:50 - 5:00 EUR 1personai

the price of the menus, see the table below.

Children up to 4 years 100% discount for children from 4 to 12 years 50% discount 20% discount for pensioners.

For visitors who are staying for several days, children and camp participants agreed price possible. 

Other services


Euro ( ar  PVN)

Bath house

20.00 / h

Sauna lounge

1.00 / h/ pers.


1.00 / h/ pers.

Extreme track use (7 items)

1.50 / pers.

Boats for rent

1.50 / h

Water wheel rental (4 pers.)

4.00 / h

Use of grill with coal

4.00 / h

Fireplace use


Night slopes for adults and children



Tourist equipment, obstacle course




Football Field






Basketball court



Auto stāvvieta



5.00/ h

Quads for rent

38.00 / h

Latgaliešu songs and music

( accordion, violin)

50.00 / h

Dance music (music group)

300.00/ 4 – 5 h