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Aglona and its surrounding historical heritage:

Aglona Basilica
Aglonas Basilica is sacred place visited by thousands of people.
Adress: Cirīšu iela 8, Aglona, Aglonas novads, LV- 5304
Phone: +371 29188740; +371 65381109
E-mail: ab@aglonasbazilika.lv, abv@aglonasbazilika.lv
Web: www.aglonasbazilika.lv
GPS: 56.125235, 27.013975
Languages: LV, RU, DE, EN

The Holy Spring
A sulfur spring with healing qualities was discovered in the monastery garden in the 19th century. The white fathers built a small hospital where one could take healing baths. The spring was named after St. Anthony. At the close of the century the spring lost its healing qualities, but the tradition of taking some water from Aglona during pilgrimage lives on. Nowadays the water in the spring is clean and tasty, and the spring is still popular among pilgrims. The name “Holy Spring” is, however, conventional and is not connected with religious cult.
Adress:Cirisu Street 8, Aglona, Aglonas district ;
Phone: +371 653 81109, +371 29188740,
E-mail: abv@aglonasbazilika.lv;
GPS: 56.1271, 27.0166

Hill of the king Christ
A unique sculpture complex with gardens and artificial ponds. Its area is approximately 20 ha.
Adress: Madelani, Aglona parish,LV- 5304
Phone: +371 29742774, +371 27885591; +371 65322100;
e-mail: agkk@inbox.lv; turisms@aglona.lv
Web: www.agkk.lv
Excursions: To apply for a tour please call Terēzija Bumbure, +371 29742774, +371 27885591.
GPS: 56.123871, 27.036818

Skeltova Church

In 1836 St. Nicholas church was built in Skeltova village. On December 19, 1996  St. Nicholas church was celebrated 60th anniversary.
Adress: Skeltovas parish, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29118597; +371 65322100
e-mail: mailto:turisms@aglona.lv;
GPS: 56.01952, 27.007638

Starodvorje Old Believer church

This church is located in the historic area of Old Believers, which is attested by the Slavic origin.
Adress: Starodvorje, Aglonas parish, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29118597; +371 65322100
e-mail: mailto:turisms@aglona.lv;
GPS: 56.148241, 27.094027

Slostovkas Old Believer Church

The church was built in spring 1837.
Adress: Skeltovas parish, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29118597; +371 65322100
e-mail: mailto:turisms@aglona.lv;
GPS: 56.017754, 26.970170

Rageli Catholic Church
Ragelu Romas katolu baznica Ragelu Romas katolu baznica Ragelu Romas katolu baznica
The first church in Rareli was built of wood, it stood in the graveyard. A tower was installed onto the church and a bell was hung in it after the World War I. The building of the church burned down during the war. In 1945 a local dean informed the curia that the church burned down, but the residential building and a shed with an extension survived in the fire. The residential building was then rebuilt as the church. Adress: Rageli, Graveri parish, Aglonas district; Phone: +371 29244613; +371 65322100 e-mail: mailto:turisms@aglona.lv; GPS: 56.060431, 27.156398 www.aglona.travel.lv

Peipini Catholic Church

Peipini Catholic Church was constructed in 1922; it has a plank trimming on the outside. It is plastered inside. The ceiling is boarded with no plastering. The exterior part of the church is painted in ochre oil colour.
Adress: Peipini, Skeltovas parish, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29118597; +371 65322100
e-mail: mailto:turisms@aglona.lv;
GPS: 56.032625, 27.043804

Kovalova Old Believer Church

Kovalova Old Believer Church was founded in 1861. It still functions. It is served by Father Josifs Osipovs.
Adress: Kovalova, Graveri parish, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 26154785, +371 65322100
e-mail: mailto:turisms@aglona.lv;
GPS: 56.0453, 27.1022

Graveri Orthodox Church

Graveri Orthodox Church was built in 1836; it was closed down in 1950 and then demolished. The process of renovation was started recently, but due to the stress of money the building works were stopped.
Adress: Graveri, Graveri parish, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 29534053; +371 65322100
e-mail: mailto:turisms@aglona.lv;
GPS: 56.066141, 27.131667

Folvarka Prayer House
The building works of Folvarka Prayer House were initiated in 1887. The temple was built on the contribution of people. Anna Stratonovna, who returned from Riga to her parents’ native land, is the one who is keeping the history of Folvarka Prayer House. Folvarka Prayer House was robbed 12 times, even a fragment of a metal fence was stolen. There is still a bell which once informed that the prayer has begun.
Adress: Kastulinas parish, Aglonas district; Phone: +371 26208572; +371 656 80306; +371 653 22100 e-mail: mailto:turisms@aglona.lv; 
GPS: 56.130496, 27.154609 

Berzgale Church
Berzgale Catholic church, a national memorial site, is a wooden construction. Berzgale church is among the oldest wooden churches of Latgale. The present-day foundation of the church was laid in 1744, the building works were accomplished in 1750, as St. Stephen and St. Laurus Church of God’s Protection.
Adress:  Berzgale, Aglonas parish, Aglonas district;
Phone: +371 26134126,
e-mail: mailto:turisms@aglona.lv;
GPS: 56.1586 27.0860